Changing on/off speed of hue bulbs bound to Blue series VZM31-SN

I’m finally getting around to trying to fix some of my minor annoyances on my blue series switches. One of these is that I find the turn on speed of my bulbs too slow, and related that the speed the LED goes from off to one doesn’t match the speed of the bulbs.

I assumed I would just be able to change the ramp/dimming speed on the switch, and this would fix the issue. But, it seems that the ramp speed in smart bulb mode is only controlling the speed of the LED – even if I set the ramp speeds to 0, the bulb still takes the same amount of time to go from off to fully on.

While I can make the LED ramp speed match the bulbs by adjusting the ramp rate, I’d also like to be able to change the speed the bulbs are turning on and off. Is that possible in smart bulb mode?

Do the bulbs themselves have a ramp rate adjustment?
I’m not sure what platform you’re using, but my Hue devices in Zigbee2MQTT have a transition setting under the Settings (specific) menu. I’d start by making an adjustment there.

ZHA has a “Default light transition time (seconds)” Global option, but it seems to not effect any of the lights we have.

There’s no regular configuration for the individual bulbs in ZHA, although I see some individual LevelControl attributes like “on_transition_time” that I could try to play with I guess. How can I tell what is controlling the speed of the bulbs turning on and off? I would have thought that the inovelli switches would send the transition speed in their zigbee commands since it has so many ramp speed settings.

I don’t believe it does. I think it just sends a turn on to x level command and the bulbs transition based on their own settings. One of the ZHA experts may be able to chime in with a bit more help though. But if the bulb has an “on_transition_time” that’s where I’d start


Right. The switch merely sends a “turn on to level X” to the bulb and it handles the rest. Transition parameters of the bulb itself is what needs to be look at. All the ramp settings on the dimmer switch are for controlling the built in triac for dimming of standard dumb bulbs, and/or the LED bar on the switch. That’s my understanding anyway.

My memory from when I wrote a Hue Zigbee driver was Hue bulbs have a built in default of 400ms for on/off zigbee commands and there is no (published) attribute to change this default that I found. They also respond to the instant on command too so those are the only two options.

When doing level and color changes, they will accept the zigbee transition time value if provided but if not I assume the 400ms default would be used.

I assume the Hue hub “cheats” to allow different transition on times by using the level command. which will also turn the bulb on.

This is all really helpful information.

Is it out of the question to get the switches to send a transition speed parameter based on the ramp rate settings? For example, if the switch is in smart bulb mode and set as a dimmer, send a level command with the ramp rate setting?

I assume if a default level is set on the switches that it uses level commands already.

It seems to make sense that users would want to control the turn on/off speed of smart bulbs just as they would other bulbs.