Changing Switch Parameters in Openhab

This is probably a pretty basic question from a newbie. I would like to change some of the parameters (specifically parameter #3) of my dimmer switches. I have everything set up with Openhab and it is all working great. However, I cannot figure out or find documentation on exactly how to change the parameters of the switches with Openhab. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this in Paperui so I assume I have to write some code similar to when I made several rules. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you

Hi km782,

You can edit the parameters in PaperUI. You have to go to “Configuration -> Things” then edit the thing.

You will get a page like this:


Thank you for this. I have both red series and black series dimmers. When I look at the red series dimmers I see exactly what you posted. However, for the black series I see this:

The parameters aren’t visible. I remember I had a lot of trouble getting the black series dimmers to be recognized in Openhab. This could have something to do with it and I might just have to wait until the next update

I know this is a year old at this point, but was curious if you were ever able to get this taken care of?