Circadian Rhythym Level Pre-Stage Dimmers

Has anyone figured out pre-staging level of dimmers without turning the switch on in ST or via WebCore? I just realized this morning when I woke up extra early and it was dark out that my lights blinded me before dimming down in the kitchen and realized this was incredibly annoying but might be able to be fixed.

Secondarily, is anyone pre-staging the LZW42’s effectively with ST/WebCore?



I’m not sure how you configure this on ST, but understand it’s similar to Hubitat.

You need to enable this option: Create “Default Level (Local)” Child Device

When that device is “on” the switch will turn on at that level. Turning it off reverts to the default behavior.

That being said this only works with dumb bulbs. I haven’t figured out how to replicate this experience with the LZW42 bulbs. I know you can enable the “color pre-staging” option, and when sending the set color command the bulb will not turn on. Granted that’s specific to set color only. You can’t use that to set the default level or color temperature.

I’d love to find a solution for the bulbs, given the small mountain I’ve accumulated from the recent open box sales.

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Thanks, this is super helpful. Will try out and let you know results!

Need a remind me feature like reddit ha!

So on the LZW36 I see a single option for the local Child device but fear this will set both the fan and light levels because the dimmer bar does this on the parent device. @EricM_Inovelli considering the above purpose would you need to change the DTH to have a default local level child device for the fan and light separately?

I don’t have an LZW36 to confirm, but I suspect the default level would be for the light only. I wouldn’t think you would need that functionality for the fan. Granted as I write this I can think of a few cases that might be handy…

This should be fairly easy to test. Create the child device and set a different level. Test if it affects the fan and/or light levels. Remember you can turn off the child device to restore the normal functionality, so other than time it’s a harmless test.

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@amdbuilder is correct. The child devices are for the light settings. I didn’t make the fan child devices as honestly, I doubt many will use those parameters. They are more there for consistency between endpoints.


Perfect! Thanks!

Just to revisit this – is it possible to pre-stage the bulb levels (LZW42)? I didn’t see this answered here.


You can with Hubitat and SmartThings I believe. The SmartThings device handler should have an option to turn on color prestaging.

Not yet.

Colour prestaging, yes. Level prestaging, no.

That said, @bcopeland did say he could implement it in the HE driver…

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