Cloning Scenes: Cloned conditions not available under "Manage or Create Conditions"

Device: LZW31-SN
Hub: Hubitat

Hey Everyone,

The following only seems to affect the cloning of Dimmer Scenes under Rule Machine.

In cloning some Dimmer Scene Rules that apply to different rooms, I found that the now “cloned conditions” are not showing up under “Manage or Create Conditions”. They only show themselves when creating a new “Conditional Action: If (conditions) Then” rule.

Cloned Rule with two new conditions:

Two hidden/orphaned conditions hiding under Define Condition:

This presented an issue the other day when I attempted to remove a Dimmer from Hubitat, but found that the device was technically in use across many cloned rules in which they were no longer a part of.

Is this a known bug or anyone have a workaround to deleting these orphan conditions for cloned rules? For now, I’ve had to delete these cloned scene rules in order to delete the device. If there isn’t a workaround, it may be best to inform others to avoid cloning scenes for these dimmers.

If this is an issue on the Hubitat side, I can cross post there.