CLOSED: Will repair your Blue Series Bad Batch switches

Update 4/16 - Between what I have already done and what is currently in the pipeline, I will have the switches I need. Thanks to those who took me up on this!!

I’ve gotten pretty good at repairing (the 90% fix) the blue series switches. So – here’s my (negotiable) offer [and Inovelli – if this is against your wishes, I will withdraw it… I don’t want to cause issues] :

  1. For every 2 switches you send me, I will repair both but keep 1. I will send you back the other one.
  2. If I make a mistake and blow a switch, I’ll send you one from the half I would have kept and keep the bad one for myself.
  3. You pay to ship to me; I will pay to ship back to you.
  4. We BOTH acknowledge that the Inovelli warranty is void on these (assuming they have already been replaced with good switches).
  5. I will check functionality of each switch before I start – it’s expected that the switches, other than the known glitch with the radio, are in good working condition for me to repair.
  6. I validate each switch I repair to make sure the radio works and that the switch functions to the best of my ability. That said, this is a “friendly” transaction – I can’t be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by the returned switch if it somehow malfunctions.
  7. I prefer to work with packs of (at least) 10 switches to keeps things simple and save on shipping costs. You send me 10, I will send back 5 that have the fix applied – give me about a week(ish) to turn it around.

In a nutshell, I am short about 30 or so switches on my home conversion and figured there are probably a lot of bad switches out there that I can fix up; we can both benefit by bringing them back to life.

Please PM me if interested. If you would rather sell the switches, PM me for that also and we’ll see if we can negotiate a fair price.


Nah you’re good – I’m a big believer in free-market enterprise and appreciate the hustle :wink:

Best of luck!

I will say that we also just found a PCB repair shop so we’ll probably also be issuing some sort of voluntary shipment back on these so we can fix them as well.


This is awesome. Hope someone takes you up on it.

I debating offering to help people, but shipping was going to be an issue, but actually enjoyed fixing my first batch (after having to teach myself how to solder).

If someone is in Central Indiana and wants some help, I’d be happy to assist.

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Thanks Eric - a bit of a relief to get confirmation that this sits ok with you.

jhstroebel - I’ve had a couple of people take me up on it – should be receiving the first shipment next week. Offer is still open - though I plan to close it once I reach the 30 or so switches I’m after. I agree with you – it’s fun, especially now that I’ve gotten good with those pesky plastic pins! If Inovelli was shipping the MG24s I’d just buy those, though…

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Just wanted to publicly say thank you to @jjr. I was one of the folks who took him up on this offer and it worked out perfectly. Also appreciate @Eric_Inovelli for allowing this. Glad to see six devices get another chance at life!


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@coffejor – Thank you for … err… the thank you!

Seriously though – this was mutually beneficial so I thank you and the others that took me up as well!