WTB/WTR Defective Blue Series Switches - 20230801

Just like the last thread that is now closed I’m looking to repair or purchase any blue series switches with signal issues. I’ve done four so far and it wasn’t too challenging. Same deal as the last guy.

  1. For every 2 switches you send me, I will repair both but keep 1. I will send you back the other one.
  2. If I make a mistake and blow a switch, I’ll send you one from the half I would have kept and keep the bad one for myself.
  3. You pay to ship to me; I will pay to ship back to you.
  4. We BOTH acknowledge that the Inovelli warranty is void on these (assuming they have already been replaced with good switches).
  5. I will check functionality of each switch before I start – it’s expected that the switches, other than the known glitch with the radio, are in good working condition for me to repair.
  6. I validate each switch I repair to make sure the radio works and that the switch functions to the best of my ability. That said, this is a “friendly” transaction – I can’t be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by the returned switch if it somehow malfunctions.

PM if interested.



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Fixed 4 yesterday. Message me if need some repaired. Quick turn around. As soon as I get your I’ll ship you the ones I already repaired unless you want to wait for me to repairs yours.


I’m still repairing blue switches. I have repaired over 100.

I just got done with another batch. LMK if you need your switches repaired.

I’m still doing this if anybody has any that needs repaired.

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