Compatibility with specific lights/LED tapes?

I’m trying to determine if Innovelli switches will be compatible with the following:

  1. A dimmable LED tape light driver that states the dimmers must be “any standard MLV/ incandescent TRIAC leading edge” dimmer switch.

  2. With standard Exterior LED floods (that are probably not dimmable and I don’t need to dim them; Innovelli is for the Zwave features only)

  3. With Nicor SureFit LED Jbox “cans” that are “Dimmable to less than 5% with compatible leading edge (TRIAC) and trailing edge (ELV) dimmers.”

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The LZW31 dimmer is a leading edge Mosfet that supports MLV. So maybe to #1 and no to #3-way

For #2 you’ll be using a switch so probably yes, although some LEDs can cause issues with the LZW30 in a 3-way configuration.

Thank you ; appreciate you taking the time to respond.
For #1. I’ll give it a try
For #2, its a ways off but will probably order the non dimming version
For #3, while quite disappointing as I just had a bunch of these installed, and I’m kicking myself for not checking, this info is helpful. I won’t buy LZW31’s to control those Nicor lights…Any chance the pending Zigbee dimmers will be “Leading Edge (TRIAC)” or “Trailing Edge (ELV)”?

I don’t think the Blue hardware specs have been published as of yet. There was some discussion a while back about the general lack of availability of MOSFETs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be TRIAC based.

I don’t really know, but I’d bet “no” for the ELV. ELV dimmers were designed work with low voltage lights fed by transformers. But your Nicor I think are line voltage so I’d hope for a Leading Edge Triac.

Like so much of this stuff, you never know until you try it!

Am I correct in presuming that none of the Inovelli current or former switches are “Leading Edge TRIAC?”

In looking through the product data on your website, and I can’t figure out where I would find that information. Is it available?
Also, I tried to look up the model number referenced in the previous response, but the webpages for the switches don’t include the model numbers…
Am I missing something or is the above info not available or obvious? If it is not, should it be?

Not exactly. The Gen 2 dimmers and switches are MOSFET. The Fan/Light switch uses a TRIAC (Leading Edge).

Yes and No. Usually you can go to and search for the spec sheet. Look for the driver type. For some reason, the driver type isn’t listed for the Fan/Light switch, but I have it from the horse’s mouth that it’s a TRIAC.

For example . . .