Excellent results with Nicor LEDs

Just a heads up for those looking for some great retrofit or direct-mount recessed lighting, I recently picked up two different models of Nicor LEDs and have been exceptionally impressed with the performance with my Red Series dimmers. This isn’t a brand that I was personally familiar with, so I wanted to share my results here in case it was helpful to anyone else.

A quick rundown of what I like about them:

  • Absolutely no flickering, at all (even while the washing machine is aggitating)
  • Very good dimming with the DLR4, and the best dimming I’ve ever seen with the DRD2)
  • Excellent build quality (mostly metal)
  • Great, very high CRI light output

DRD211204K: 2” Recessed LED Downlight (4000K)
DLR4607120S: 4" Recessed LED Retrofit (CCT)

While I can’t say definitively, I would imagine that any of their models that are listed as supporting leading edge dimming should perform well with Inovelli dimmers.


Thank you so much for posting this. It adds a data point.
I have a bunch of the Nicor SureFits which are listed as “Dimmable to less than 5% with compatible leading edge (TRIAC) and trailing edge (ELV) dimmers” as well as some Inovelli switches I need to get around to installing to control the SureFits. Dimming compatibility with Inovelli is an issue I have been wondering about…

FWIW, the SureFits are ultra slim “downlights” that are really surface mount lights meant to mimic can lighting. They install entirely in the jbox. It was one of the few things that was both very cost effective and worked out perfectly in my project. Highly recommend them.

One caveat - install them to the j box with the screws that come with the fixtures. My electricians decided to use other fasteners and the trim kept popping off these - so frustrating, until I figured out they used different fasteners with larger heads, that did not allow the trim to seat all the way. Changed out the screws and all is well, although the change out is a pain…

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@kelchm where did you buy your Nicor lights?

Bought mine from ledsupplyco.com. Bought them about 1 year before the electrician installed (long story).

About 6 months after they were installed I had an issue with one light out of over 25. Nicor promptly sent a replacement. They were very efficient.

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I’ve picked all of mine up from Amazon so far. They can be a bit hard to find unless you search for the specific model number you are interested in.

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Well, I finally installed the Inovelli switch, and can report that it seems like it controls the Nicor SureFits very well. Dimming works down to very low. However, when searching for this thread so I could report back this update, I found this thread, which I had forgotten about:

It seems that for some reason Inovelli does not think the LZ31 is compatible with the Nicor SureFits, so I posted a follow up on that thread also and will hopefully receive a reply over there. I hope I can keep the Inovelli LZ31 installed controlling the SureFit’s - it seems to work great…