Compatible Bulbs/Fans for Fan & Light Switch

Moving this to one location (our support page) so there’s a centralized location we can constantly update. Please continue to list out bulbs and fans that are compatible and incompatible.

In your review below, please include the following if you could (it would be very helpful):

  • Make/Model of the Bulb (we’ll hyperlink to the page so others can purchase)
  • Make/Model of the Fan (we’ll hyperlink to the page so others can purchase)
  • Did you have to set any min/max settings for the bulb?
  • Overall, would you recommend this bulb and/or fan?

Thanks everyone for your input and for helping others!

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I have this working in a Hunter Forgesmith 52" LED Aged Steel Ceiling Fan, however, the included 3.5 watt bulbs do not turn off. They go to a low dim when set to off. They are labeled “T12-3.5-27 CLEAR”

  1. I swapped them for “Ecosmart Dimmable 1518ZF” which function correctly although dimmable range seems small. I believe the bulb itself is lacking here. They are quite bright and don’t get very dim.

  2. I tried a set of “Sylvania LED4.5A19/DIM/822/VIN”, these function correctly and have great dimmable range although not a bright bulb.

I have not changed any min/max parameter settings. I did change parameter 1 to a setting of 0. I would recommend the fan if used with compatible bulbs (original bulbs worked with other canopy dimmers)

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Bulbs Tested

Feit Electric BPA1575C/827/FIL/2
75W E12 Base
2700k (Soft White)
Min Dim Settings 20%

Feit Electric BPA1575C/850/FIL/2
75 Watt E12 Base
5000K (Daylight)
Min Dim Settings 20%

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Bulbs Tested: (Turn on most of the time but not always)
Philips 7w LED Candle Decorative 2700K 450 Lumens. A19 base.

Need to find a different light bulb for my Casablanca Fan.

Honeywell 50607-01 Ventnor Farmhouse Ceiling Fan, 52" Rustic Barnwood Decor, Gilded Espresso
Honeywell 50606-01 Ventnor Farmhouse Ceiling Fan, 52" Rustic Barnwood Decor, ETL Indoor, Brushed Nickel

  • Both fans include LED built in.
  • Light turns on and off as expected, and has a very wide range for dimming, including at the lowest range (1-~12% are very low, but has a noticeable jump just above that), but will occasionally flicker, in that the brightness will flash for a split second, intermittently. It’s as if a camera flash went off. Both fans do it. Maybe 1-3 times while using it for at least a half hour, and often at least once within the first few minutes. Seems more common when dimmed, can’t remember it happening at full brightness but I don’t usually have it set that high.
  • This issue is fairly annoying, so if looking for the best option, skip this fan/light and switch combo. But it’s not bad enough for me to replace the fan.

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light, Matte Black

  • LED is built in. 3000K
  • Doesn’t flicker like the Honeywells. Also good dimming range. No issues with normal on/off functions.
  • Yes recommended, although note the color temp. It seems a bit higher than 3000K, but its not Daylight.

This is a known issue with the pre-order/early revisions of the canopy module firmware, which can’t be updated. Let @Courtney_Inovelli know your order number(s) and she will get you new modules to swap in/re-pair and this should no longer be an issue.

For more info see: LZW36 - Slight Flicker - #125 by Eric_Inovelli