Compatible Bulbs for Dimmer Switch (Gen 2)

I have now officially tested the GE Relax candelabra E-12 base using an adapter. The light turns on maybe 10-20ms slower, and is obviously dimmer, but it dims just like it’s larger medium base equivalent.

Incompatible with the GetInLight IN-0202 Series Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures sold on Amazon.

Strangely they do however work with the Leviton DSL06-1LZ dimmer so I plan to pickup a Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ which is the Z-wave plus version of the switch, it will likely be the fix but the switch is nowhere near as cool as the Inovelli :wink:

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Make/Model of the Bulb: Sunco SC4SLIM12PK27K [4 Inch Slim LED Downlight 650 LM, Dimmable, 2700K Soft White] (
Are you using a Neutral or Non-Neutral setup? Neutral
Are you using a bypass? No
Did you have to set any min/max settings? I have tried everything
Overall, would you recommend this bulb? Not for dimming with a Black series Gen 2 Dimmer

I’ve installed about 12 of these so far in various places around the house. Some are single lights on a dimmer, others are 2 or 3 lights tied to a dimmer - they all have slightly different dimming performance, all less than ideal. No buzzing noise, just incredible strobing at lower dimming levels. The ramp-up/ramp-down is also quite ‘choppy’, not smooth at all. I wouldn’t recommend the lights, but I love the dimmers and features!

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Hey, how dim do those candelabra bulbs get for you? On my GE switch, they can get super dim without issues. However, on the Inovelli, I can’t get them nearly as dim as I can on the GE switch. My wife would like them to be able to get super dim as we have a newborn and occasionally really dim ligts.

Is there any consensus on what everyone would consider the absolute best bulbs for the Red Series dimmers? Ones that are reliable, don’t glow when the switch is off and have a very wide range of dimming? My wife is unhappy with the range on the GE bulbs. I’m still trying to fix them, but I’d happily jump ship to another bulb if there was one that was considered the best option.


Can’t help you with a recommendation. However, there is a bit of a trick when it comes to adjusting the range on a dimmer. Not sure if you’re aware or if it will help with your present bulbs but worth a shot.

First, change your min and max to 1 - 99. Now go through the range and find where your cutoffs are and re-set to those percentages. Your range will now be 1 - 99, but adjusted for the min/max you sent.

This may or may not fix your ability to dim lower. Depends on your current settings.

Thanks! Right now my min is at 35 which is lower than the 42 that fatherdoctor uses. I tried 42 and I think that’s really as dim as it gets. I was trying 35 just to see. Oddly, the bulbs dim way more if I use GE dimmer switches for some reason.

You could try adding a bypass to the mix and it may go lower

Thanks, how do I do that?

@chrism.conner it goes between the white (neutral) and black (hot) at the light.

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Have you actually seen that work to make a bulb dim dimmer?

I would be surprised to hear that it did much, but I actually have different ranges that get a bit narrower with higher loads (more bulbs) due to instabilities I start to see earlier on the low end. A bypass might hurt rather than help.

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My memory may be failing me. I’ll try to test this weekend.

I’ve tested these ones on the inovelli red series s2: - Seem to work fine although they flicker slightly as they are dimmed. - These ones dim great, without any flickering at all, and can be dimmed very low.

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I’m using the Red Series Dimmer (LZW31-SN) with mostly TP-Link Kasa (KL130) bulbs but I do have one Inovelli iLumin RGBW bulb.

No issues at all. I am wired with neutrals without any bypasses. Everything is controlled by OpenHab though, the Kasa bulbs are wifi and must be set up with the TP-Link software first. Not a big deal to me since I started this journey there but it also does provide two ways to control their bulbs an smart switches. The iLumin bulb is in place where it is used less but all functions work when needed (on, off, color, color temp and brightness which gets sync’d to the led bar on the switch). Same experience with the Kasa bulbs.

I like and recommend both bulbs but I would prefer iLumin or Z-wave bulbs if 1) they extended the color temp to 9000k and 2) if I could do direct color temp settings in K. I really don’t like the percentage method even but I have worked around that with rule system in OH when I want to set the color temp to match the Kasa bulbs.

For the record, #1 is more of an issue for me than #2 which is a personal preference (and might be related to OH configuration capabilities). If you are fine with 2700 to 6500K then you’re good.

Question: When I went to the link:

while I saw they are leading edge, which Inovelli said to use, it also said there they are made for ELV and Inovelli said they use MLV. So is leading edge what I need to look for and ELV vs. MLV isn’t as relevant? I’m asking as I have been unable to find bulbs that are identified as both MLV and leading edge. (In fact, it is very hard to find bulbs that list either of those criteria, let alone both).

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I’m using Red V2 dimmers. I am trying to get the brightest candelabra type bulbs to go into a ceiling fan enclosure. I’m looking at the GE EQ CA12 Ultra Bright ones. Has anyone tried these? Does anyone know of they are leading or trailing edge? If not these, anyone else have any other suggestions?

I’m also looking to replace my 48” fluorescent bulbs with LEDs. There are 2 tubes in each. I do not know what type of tombstones they have. Is there a “standard” one? Any suggestions?

Are you using a dimmer with the fluorescent bulbs?. Most LED replacement kits I’ve seen are not dimmable. Do you have working ballasts? I recently removed my ballasts (very easy btw) and replaced them with paramid bulbs (non-dimmable) I found on amazon. They light up my workshop really well.

I was looking for some that are also dimmable. I saw these on Amazon:

They are listed as being 5000k, 83 CRI, 2000 lumens each tube

I posted a question up there on Feb 1, 2021 asking if they are leading or trailing edge