Compatible LED Tape Driver Discussion

Maybe I’m terrible at searching, but I didn’t find a thread like this already. I have some 3rd party 24v LED strip that I want to install above a picture rail in a small room. It adds up to about 40 feet, using 3w per foot strip (it’s just white, not RGB). I want to use Red Series Dimmers, because I have them elsewhere and certainly like them. When I search for drivers to use, I’m just not finding much that is clear. I’m confused by forward/ reverse, MLV, ELV, TRIAC, etc.

Not every manufacturer seems to use the same terminology either. I found these on Amazon:, but saw a discussion in this forum that it would not be compatible - because it’s MLV TRIAC vs MLV MOSFT. When I search google for MLV MOSFET LED Driver, I don’t see a good way to identify a driver like that.

What LED drivers do you use for LED Tape? Specifically, ones that can power 100-300w? Thanks!

There are two ways to go here.

One is 120v dimmer + dimmable transformer. That seems to be what you’re doing. I’m helping a friend install one of these this week so if you’re curious I’ll let you know how it works with the LZW31-SN.

The other is basic transformer + LED controller. With that you have the transformer be always on supplying full voltage, and use another device between transformer and LED to control the brightness. Here’s an example that supports 700+ watts.
Were you to use something like that, you’d put the Inovelli switch in smart bulb mode, then use a Z-Wave association to connect the switch to the LED controller.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’d like to know how the install goes with the dimmer on that unit. They list a wide array of dimming compatibility: Dimmable, Suitable for Leading Edge, Trailing Edge TRIAC, MLV, ELV

If you go with a transformer + LED controller, isn’t the transformer constantly using power then?

Yes but not very much. The transformer always uses a trickle of power to keep itself online, but nothing like it’s rated load. The LED controller uses a little bit as well to keep the Z-Wave radio and processor going. However these aren’t much more than an Inovelli switch uses while idle and the load is off, so it’s not worth worrying about much.

I’ll let you know how the install goes…


Curious how your install went and how dimming is working. I’m not in a major rush because I’m out of the Red Dimmers and they’re still out of stock, but was thinking about getting everything else ready to go in this room next weekend. Thanks!

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Still waiting for electricians to wire the thing :\ Sorry no update yet