Config request - Dimming type

It would be nice to be able to set dimming type (the leading edge trailing edge dimming) as an option. It eliminates a lot of flickering in my led pot lights when I can change the dimming to trailing edge and my lights go lower too (nano dimmer). Is it possible to add this feature to the dimmers config?

As I understand it, that usually must be supported by the hardware and most of the Inovelli devices are one or the other.

Well lol

A) the hardware in these switches should be able to handle the trailing vs leading edge. If not there is a major design flaw. I wish I had known this. I have my doubts that the leading edge can’t be switched to trailing edge form dimming. I suspect it has to do with that way they implemented 3way

B) anyone want to buy 19 red dimmers? Barely used. I’d rather change the dimmers than the potlights

Due to a number of factors, I wouldn’t expect any major design changes to the black/red series in the near future.

You won’t have any problem selling the switches. I’d post here in the Buy, Swap, Sell section:

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I’d agree with you that it should be possible, the dimmers are using MOSFETs which can do it as opposed to SCRs or triacs which could not. In fact, the main reason I’d want to use MOSFETs in a dimmer would be to allow trailing edge dimming. But, as pointed out I wouldn’t expect the firmware to be changed, right now Inovelli and the manufacturer are in a stand-off.

It’s just a little ignorant. Since many, if not most led fixtures are trailing edge …

Yes I’m very much aware of the MOSFETs
I have a feeling it has to do with their implementation with 3 way and 4way switching. It’s the only one I can find that dims and allows proper 4 way operation. Which sucks because it’s not trailing 3dge