Configuration for 3-way with two Red dimmers

Hello! I’m new to smart switches, so please forgive me if this is an obvious question. I did some searching around, but still have questions.

I just had two Red dimmer switches installed as a 3-way in my kitchen, replacing the two dumb switches there. Both switches are included on the network and I see them in Home Assistant. I’ve named them light_kitchen_1 and light_kitchen_2.

At the moment, only light_kitchen_2 will control the lights. It works perfectly fine. light_kitchen_1 does nothing, but my understanding is this is normal, and I have to setup a Z-Wave association to get them to talk.

The instructions for setting this up mention changing the relay setting on the “master/load” switch. I don’t know the wiring in the house, but I assume the switch that currently works (light_kitchen_2) is the master?

The instructions also mention needing to associate both groups 2 and 4 to get on/off and dimming at both switches. Does this mean making two different association groups? (Again, this is all new to me…)

I’m using zwave2mqtt for this, and the Node Groups page talks about “Node Endpoint” and “Target Node”… I’m assuming I create the association from the “master” switch (light_kitchen_2) and set it’s target to light_kitchen_1? Or is it the other way around, and the target is the master?

And tips or links for getting this working smoothly would be appreciated! I’ve done searching, but many of the documents I found appear to be for older versions (pre-zwave2mqtt).

This is what I currently see listed in zwave2mqtt for both switches:

“Lifeline” group? I don’t know what that is. Will I be replacing that, or adding another?

Did a bit more reading… I got basic functionality working. I created separate association groups 2 and 4, both on the slave pointing to the master. Now the physical buttons work as expected!

However, the light bars don’t seem to sync. Is this fixable? I see posts from a couple years ago where they couldn’t, but there might be a way now.

Also, is there a way to have separate ramp values for on and off? I don’t mind it gradually fading off, but when I hit the button I want it on pretty quick. I’m hesitant to start poking around with device parameters that I don’t fully understand.

Associate group 3 as well. Do the same for both switches point to the other one.

Find the below parameter on the one without the load and set it to disabled.
[46-112-0-12-4] Association Behavior: Z-Wave Hub

There are not different ramp speed settings for on and off.

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Thank you!