Confused about multi-tap

Ok, so on and off when I had time, I was trying to set up a basic double tap up/down and couldn’t get it to work. I’d set the rules as instructed in hubitat, but it just wouldn’t trigger. Today by pure accident, instead of my usual double tapping on the up or down button, I hit the favorite button, then down. This triggered my action as a double tap down. Tested the same “favorite button followed by up button” with up and it also triggered what I would have expected from a double tap of the up button. Is the expected behavior and I just misunderstood, or did I change some weird settings? Can I make it back to just a double tap? Thanks

Ok, so the “Have you read this similarly titled post” was actually helpful. I inferred from this post (LZW30-SN - Multi-tap improvement) that if you disable the delay on the switch, you lose multi-tap (presumably transformed into a favorite button followed by the regular to trigger the multi-tap). I re-enabled the delay and now multi tap is working. Posting for anyone else who comes after.
A notice of loss of feature or changes would be much appreciated when changing this setting.

What hub are you using? The description for this preference in the Hubitat driver and ST DTH with Inovelli’s custom code reads:

The 700ms delay that occurs after pressing the physical button to turn the switch on/off is removed. Consequently this also removes the following scenes: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x tap. 1x tap and config button scenes still work. (firmware 1.47+)

For other hubs/controllers, I suppose it’s up to how this setting is changed and whether there is a way to display something like this in their UI. Inovelli also noted it in the release notes for the firmware where this feature was introduced, if I recall. They have also mentioned that they’re looking into a configurable delay so it’s not all or nothing like it is now (there is, of course, no way to get multi-taps if you completely remove the delay: a single tap is the only possible outcome if the event is sent as soon as the button is physically released).

Agree that it’s a good idea (or the new feature would be even better), but I suppose it just depends on where you look and what’s possible.