Consistent Look Using Dimmer for On/Off

Just learned that when you set a dimmer to “Smart Bulb Mode” even if using dumb bulbs it essentially turns the switch into an on/off switch. For my small bathroom fans I was planning to purchase on/off switches, but now wondering to get a completely consistent look for switches if could use dimmers in smart bulb mode to match the dimmer it would be put next to. Anyone else agree with my logic, or am I pushing my luck?

@Eric_Inovelli has previously stated that switches are fine for inductive i.e. fan load up to 300W IIRC. But using a dimmer in the same manner hasn’t come up yet, AFAIK. So maybe we can get an official position from Da Man!

As @Bry said you need to use the on/off switch for inductive loads. Alternatively you could wait for Project Windy City, although it is currently on hold…