Control Ikea Fyrtur Blinds?

Is there a way to control the Ikea Fyrtur Blinds with the Inovelli Red Dimmer using Scenes or some other magic?

The blinds are connected to the Ikea Tradfri gateway. I have an Alexa Routine and a Google Home Routine that Opens/Closes the blinds. Can the Inovelli trigger those routines or interface with Tradfri?

I’m open to adding OpenHAB or Home Assistant into the mix if that would make this possible. I’m already in bridge overlload mode with Tradfri, SmartThings, Hue, and Homebridge all in the mix.

The one caveat is, I think I need the blinds to remain connected to the Tradfri gateway. Tying them to SmartThings has not worked reliably.

Any thoughts?


I use Home Assistant so the way I would do it, would be connect the blinds to Home Assistant with Zigbee2Mqtt. Assuming you have the ZWave linked into Home Assistant, you just need to write an automation that triggers on the scene event and the action is opening or closing the blinds. Now I am sure there are many ways to skin the cat, but that’s the easiest way for me, in my current setup (which took a lonnngggg time to get to its current state)

Thanks for the thought Josh. I’m not ready to part with the Ikea Tradfri Gateway (zigbee) just yet because it seems to be the only reliable way to control the the blinds.

My initial thought was, is there a way to go from Inovelli Switch -> Alexa/Google Home -> Tradfri? Alexa and Google Home have routines in place already but after looking into it further, I do not think you can trigger an Alexa or Google Home routine with anything other than your voice.

Maybe it’s Inovelli Switch -> Home Assistant -> Tradfri though, assuming I can get the Fyrtur Blinds into Home Assistant while keeping them paired to the Tradfri gateway – but not sure on that yet.