Control4 Drivers?

Just wondering if anything ever came out of the control4 drivers that were mentioned back in January. Finally got around to installing my switches and only now found out that I can’t pair any generic zigbee switch with my control4 controller. Was really looking forward to integrating these with my control4 system.

I tried looking for any posts regarding drivers, but the only post I could find and also one that lines up with the January timeframe was the old 2-1 thread where someone asked about licensing switches to/through Control4 (here), is that what you’re talking about? My understanding of that wasn’t related to integrating the existing switches directly with control4, but a separate SKU or line that was certified with Control4?

That was the thread I was referring to, yes. Also the only thing I could find.

Ok, unfortunately the current switches aren’t marked as certified with Control4 so I wouldn’t expect anything for the Blue 2-1’s today, but I’m also curious if anything came from that inquiry - @Eric_Inovelli?

Hmmm… let me see what I can do. I sent in a request with them, but they never got back to me a few times I’ve asked, so I just figured they had no interest.

I can try reaching out again and/or seeing if I can find someone who has a contact.

@justin1 – you wouldn’t happen to have an installer or someone you know who I could reach out to, do you?


Control4 uses the Zigbee Pro profile. It’s pre-3.0. So you’ll have to flash your radio and get certified. Also note their newest controllers have Z-Wave on board. Have you tried this form?

Screw C4 their a bunch of crooks anyways. :joy: