Controlling upper versus lower fan light

I have a Bergin YG680BN ceiling fan and LZW36 that were installed by an electrician, and I can’t figure out how to control the upper light. Button B and dimmer A successfully control the lower light, and I was able to switch on the upper light a day ago by pressing dimmer A…but I am unable to duplicate that. I’d appreciate any thoughts on how to address this.

So looking at your manual, it depends on how your electrician wired it. There’s two wires for the lights and the LZW 36 only has one wire for a light.

Either he wired them together for the LZW36 to control both at the same time or he wired only lower light. If he wired both but both don’t come on together, it could be a poor connection at the canopy module or the lights have different characteristics that cause the lower lights to illuminate at a lower dim level and the upper lights don’t.

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Thank you for the fast and comprehensive response!

Update: The upper light now turns on with the lower light after re-pairing the switch to the canopy, thanks again harjms!

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Great news. Glad you got it back.