Create setup for controlling multiple switches with one

I have many 2-1 Blue installed in my home. In many places/doorways there are 2-gang boxes and one switch for one room, one for the other.

HOWEVER, there are multiple spots in between two rooms where there is only a 1-gang box that controls one light.
The power of these switches is that a single switch can control multiple lights. That part is trivial. For example, I could leave the single taps as is, for the directly controlled light. And then add double-up/double-down for the adjacent room.

But I really don’t like this as much. Im wondering if anyone has come up with a more intuitive, nicer concept?

For example, the automation could take the current switch/light states into account. Something like:

On single tap up:

  • If both lights are off, turn on the directly controlled light
  • If directly controlled light already on, turn it off and turn on the adjacent light.
  • If adjacent light already on, turn it off and turn on directly controlled light

But what if I wanted to turn on both lights at the same time?

Similarly for turning off.

This is a very subjective and open-ended question. Just curious if anyone thought about stuff like this and which intuitive solution they came up with.

It’s not great either, but tap up for on-off of one light and tap down for on-off of the other.

Just IMHO, but with the various scenarios you set out I don’t think it is possible to do it with just a single tap or one button. I only know Hubitat and see that you could certainly do everything except turning both on in Rule Machine by creating a rule for 1 “pushed” (i.e. “on”) and IF statements. 1 “Held” (off) could turn both off.

I would suggest doing that for all except for the both on scenario and then to turn both on use a double tap (think 2 taps = 2 lights) or use the “favorites/config” little button to turn them both on.

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That is the way I would do it. Simple to implement and simple to remember. What is the reason you don’t like that method? Is there some reason you don’t like double-tapping? :thinking:

I do it this way.
One of my favorite automations that I have programmed to each switch is a double tap down turns off all the lights behind me.

So for example double tap down in the kitchen turns off dining room and kitchen. Double tap down in the living room does dining room, kitchen, living room. Double tap down in the bedroom does all lights outside the bedroom. Double tap down at the top of the stairs does all lights in basement.

I’d be lost without my double taps.

That said… single tap down in the bedroom turns off all master suite lights so all the different bathroom lights, closet lights, bedroom lights. That’s done using If light on then turn off type statements.

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I agree with all, and while I think this may be less intuitive, if he really, really, wants to just use the on and off switch with a single tap I’d do the Rule Machine rule for the If A on, Turn Off A, Turn on B, stuff but then for the 1 Pushed (“Off”) he could do a RM rule that if either on turn both off or if neither on then 1 pushed will turn them both on.

I have a credenza with upper and lower lights. I made a single tap of the 1 pushed (on) to toggle the top one and a 1 held (off) to toggle the lower one. A double tap on turns then both on and a double tap off turns them both off.

Sure it takes a little bit getting used to. But once you start thinking of them as the upper and lower lights it makes a lot of sense and is very easy to use.