Current Firmware versions and best way to update via Hubitat

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a firmware update so I’ve forgotten exactly how to do it.

I have a Hubitat C7 hub running the latest version (i.e.

I have Red dimmers (LZ31W-SN) using 1.48

Black Switches (LZW30) using 1.20

and Fan+LIghts (LZWS36) using 1.36

I have turned off all security on all of them.

It’s been so long since I did an update I’ve forgotten where to check/dl the latest version and then how to install it using Hubitat. (Should I use their Firmware Updater? If so, do I need to save the file(s) to a particular place to use with that or what?)


Download the correct firmware for your switches. And then in hubitat you need to install the firmware update app. Once installed, select the switch you want to update and then upload the correct firmware for that switch and push it to the switch. Rinse and repeat.

I saw the LZW30 (black switch) and LZW31-SN (red dimmer) have otz files, but the LZW36 (the fan +light) have gbl and md5 files. Which do I use for the fan+light or do I need to use both?

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md5 is a checksum. In linux you run md5sum -c <MD5SUM_FILE>. That will tell you whether the otz is good or bad.

But there is no otz for the fan+light, so do I use the gbl?

When I went to the Firmware Change-log page:

I saw there were 2 files for the red dimmer, 1 called the v1.61 Z-Wave MCU (Target 0) that downloaded as LZW31-SN_1.61.otz and one called the v1.45 Holtek MCU (Targert 1) that downloaded as LZW31-SN_1.45.bin.

Do I need to install both of them in 2 steps or does just loading the orz do the trick?

I don’t have fan+light so I’m not sure. I assume just flash the gbl.

I typically flash the otz to target 0. Wait a minute for the switch the reboot and then flash the bin to target 1. Some people find it necessary to pull the air gap between the two steps but I have not had that issue.

I went to Inovelli’s page for updating firmware with Hubitat:

And the instructions have an arrow only pointing to the target 0 one (which I believe is the otz) and there is no mention of doing it twice: once for each file. So that is extremely confusing. Also, for the black switch there is only an otz file. Is that becasue the bin file in the red dimmer is for the dimmer?

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Switches (LZW30 and LZW30-SN) only have the otz. Dimmers (LZW31 and LZW31-SN) have the otz and the bin.

gbl is the otz of the zwave 700 chips. Only gbl needs to be applied for target 0.

All of the Inovelli links only downloaded the software to my computer. But, thinking this was the right location to use I saved the link and pasted it into the place for the URL after switching the “type” (i.e. driver) in Hubitat to the Z-Wave Firmware updater. When I clicked the Update Firmware button it said it was Downloading firmware… but never progressed beyond that for over 15 minutes.

Even though I had copied the link, when I looked at what I had pasted in it looked like this:

Instead of:

I add the “h” back in and clicked the Update Firmware button again, but it just says is it lockedBy: This process.

  1. Is this the right url for the file?

  2. I do I get unstuck from here?:

Press, “Clear Lock” :slight_smile:

Whew! Thanks. That worked. Is what I pasted in above the right link?

Yes :slight_smile:

There’s an alternate way of updating the firmware too – if this one gives you too much trouble, we can try to switch to that one!

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After I cleared the lock and restarted it, it downloaded it and started to try to upload but only got to 10% and eventually quit with this error message that the device was unable to receive the requested firmware data:

This is the Z-Wave details from Hubitat. I see it is very slow, but there is only 1 hop and it has been working and I had updated the firmware before (it is currently on 1.48).

Should I keep trying to do this 1 or more times or should we try the other method you alluded to?

Yeah, I’ve been getting that a lot too. I’ve been trying to update my firmware before moving to ST completely and it seems like only the ones that are extremely close to the hub work well.

The other way to do it is using the firmware updater app.

I don’t have the time right now to write up detailed instructions so apologies if anything is wrong as this is off the top of my head.

  • Click on, “Apps” in your menu
  • I think somewhere it says, “Add new App” or something like that
  • Find, “Firmware Updater”
  • Once in the firmware updater, there should be a couple options – the top one is for you to upload firmware files to and the bottom one is where you actually go through the updating process. Start with the top one.
  • Once you click on the top one, it should walk you through the process of uploading your firmware. If you’re doing the LZW31-SN, you’ll want to download the .otz and .bin files to your computer (located here: Index of /firmware/LZW31-SN/Beta/1.61)
  • Upload both the files and make sure they show up
  • Then go back to the screen prior (where the two buttons were) and now click the bottom button that should walk you through the firmware update process
  • I think it shows you the two targets and what the current firmware version is – start with the one that says: Target 0: 1.48 and update that one with the .otz file
  • Then do the .bin

I can try to upload some instructions when I get home as I don’t have hubitat at the office, but hopefully those instructions can get you close!

Hmmm. The app I found is called the Device Firmware Updater:

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 12.55.40 PM

After I downloaded the 1.61 otz and 1.45 bin to my computer I went back into app, and used the Firmware File Manager:

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 12.57.58 PM

to upload the files:

I then went back and chose Update Z-Wave Firmware

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 1.01.40 PM

Should be so good, so far, right? But here is the problem: Neither the 1.61 otz or 1.45 bin show up as a choice. And, BTW, yes, the Bar lights are controlled by a red dimmer, LZW31-SN.

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 1.03.19 PM

So how do I get them to be a choice? As you saw, they were upload.

I don’t use Hubitat, but it seems to me that you are selecting the target there, and it’s showing you the current version installed.

I know you don’t use Hubitat, but I hope someone who does can help. I thought the idea was that we would get a choice from all those that have been uploaded. And since I’ve uploaded the new files why aren’t they there as choices?