Custom faceplates with markings

I love that you have multiple face-plate colors to choose from. I had a thought for a further customization: face-plate icons. My builder went switch-happy and installed so many switches, that I hit gold status just trying to outfit my house (as soon as all my pending orders ship). It would be really useful if we could order face-plates with engraved icons like fans, single lights, lamp outlets, 5 or 6 lights, chandeliers, stairs, pantry, etc.

Face-plate stickers might work as well, if they were transparent and wouldn’t peel off easily.

Any chance of getting custom face-plates?

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Hey @bamapookie, this is something I’ve been looking into. The thread hasn’t been updated in awhile but serves as the ‘hub’ for any laser engraving news so feel free to follow it. Link here. We are taking recommendations for places to reach out to (we like to have this done inhouse if possible) so if you, or anyone reading this, has a lead - let us know!

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