Custom Ramp/Dimming Curve

I am excited to start using this switch and am hoping this is the company that can provide a switch that is not only stable and feature-rich but also one that can continue to innovate the firmware on existing switches. I love what I see so far but there is one feature that I have not seen any company do yet.

I would like to set my own power curve for the dimming functions, both for power on and power off.

I know this switch can set the min and max power level and ramp time but I would like to set the power supplied at each level of dimming. I.e. at 10% dimming level, supply 40% power, at 15% supply 45% power. It would also be nice to be able to do separate curves both on this up ramp and down ramp.

Why a user-definable power curve?

I have found LED lights all have different power curves vs perceived light delivered. Some come on at 10% power, ramp slowly until 80%, and then ramp quickly at the very end. Some do the opposite. The net result is unless we are very careful to find the exact bulb that works well, the fade in or fade out is not a professional, satisfying experience.

Also, perceived light is not measured on a linear line. The ability to tweak the light level produced at each area of the fade cycle would allow us to really tune in the experience.

Why both on the on ramp and the off ramp?

This one is not as big of a deal, but some lights need a boost on the on cycle and hold on to current during the off-cycle. So, then the power curve required can be different. If I had my choice of no power curve adjustment or just one curve, I would go for the one. In this case, two would be even better.

To Summarize:
I realize this might be nitpicking, but if this feature was available, I believe it would allow for the community to certify more bulb types and truly launch this switch to be best in class.

Thanks for listening!