Delete child device (notification)

For some reason I cannot figure out how to delete the child device (notification) on my red series on/off. I’m using Hubitat and apologize if it’s somewhere obvious that I’ve missed in my searching.
(Remove Device is greyed out when I click on the child device)

Looking at the device handler for Hubitat, on line 339 deletion is commented out. Even if it were turned on, there is currently no way to set the child device parameters to null (which is what it checks to see if the children should be deleted).

Unfortunately without a device handler update it looks like the only way to delete child devices would be to remove and readd the parent device.

If you want to try modifying the handler, I tested this and successfully removed a child. YMMV.

I used the handler dated 2019-12-03 to reference these line numbers.

On line 110, add an extra value to the child notification color enum:

null:"Tap to set",

On line 339, remove the // to uncomment the delete command:

if(childDevice) deleteChildDevice(childDevice.deviceNetworkId)

Save the handler.

Now go to your switch and set the notification you want to remove by changing its color to “Tap to Remove”. Update the device TWICE (I think it updates the setting after it checks).

This removed the child handler for me. Attempt at your own risk :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the help. I might give it a try, at my own risk :grin: