Device Association Woes

I have an Inovelli Dimmer NZW31 switch and 2 Inovelli RGBW Bulbs.
My goal was to use device associations to use the switch to controls the bulbs (Since he Smart Lighting App setup was too laggy)

I have the CDH for all 3 devices setup and using the Z-Wave Association tool I created the association (tried groups 2 and 3) and still pressing the switch results in no respond from the bulbs. I’m not sure what i can do to diagnose or fix whatever the issue may be. Any help?

Did you download BOTH of the DTH’s? There are 2 that need to be installed.

See: Ilumin bulb association with red series dimmer for more information

I have both of the red series DTH’s loaded (The primary and the child one for the LED Notifications which shouldn’t have anything to do with associations)

I also have both the Z-Wave Association SmartApps installed and then are working fine. I can see in the device details that the associated device IDs are listed in the association group so i know that’s all set

I read somewhere that this may be an incompatibility with the Zwave security
My NZW31 Switch lists: zw:L (Which i beleive implies non-secure inclusion)
My bulbs list: zw:Ls ( ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY)

I have not been able to confirm through my own research that the differentiation in inclusion security does or does not effect the ability to create working associations or not and if so, if there is a way to overcome this?

Another user found documentation that seems to show that the NZW31 switch does not support associations Ilumin bulb association with red series dimmer

Any chance they are LZW31 switches?

I’m sorry I mean smartapps. You need both the tool and the non-tool apps. Sounds like you have that covered.

I ended up moving off SmartThings and bought a hubitat instead and moved all my devices to it for local processing. Working great now!

I’m having exact same issue has @danwestness. Any updates here.

Can you check if your switch is S2 secure and bulb is S0? There seems to be an issue with associations and different level security. Untested on my end, but I think Inovelli themselves said this was not possible. Fix was to downgrade the switch to S0 security, which apparently is no big deal as it was a tiny insecurity during pairing only. The jury is still out on whether S2 has a smaller payload during normal operation though.

My switch is set to ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE.

and my BULBS (4 of them) , I have



This might be the issue. There are 3 levels of security, non-secure, S0, and S2. In order for the association to work, all need to be S0 (since the bulbs are not able to be S2). I’d start with the switch, unfortunately this will require excluding and re-pairing the device. Using the new app, add device --> Inovelli --> Red Switch or whatever. It should ask you to hit the small button 3 times, then come up with “scan the QR code”. DO NOT scan the code, skip this. Once done, it should be set up in the following mode:

networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_DOWNGRADE

All of this said, I am not guaranteeing this is the issue, just trying to help!

Edit: I’d also look at the 1 failed bulb and try that again. Also confirm that all of the bulbs are set up in the new app using the “Inovelli Bulb Multi-Color” device handler.