Device type to use Red series to control Hue Locally

Has anyone found a device type for the red series on/off switches that works and allows local control of hue bulbs? I cannot handle the delay through the cloud is horrible (up to 1min worst case but 5 and 10 seconds frequently). I tried " [Z-Wave Multi Button] from the local device list ( and I got it working but it still shows as cloud execution and it’s still slow. I tried some other types and they listed as “local” but they didn’t work.

I looked it up per the smart things local control instructions and a z-wave device operating with an updated hue hub and the smart lighting app should be able to have local control (

I’m fine loosing control of the LED strip and such if I can get the basic functionality to work faster.

Have you tried to adjust the settings in the light switch? I changed mine to a very low number and it is almost immediate. Maybe it takes a few seconds here and there.
MY issue is that my entire house is hue Light bulbs, and i currently cannot dim them in my bedroom where i have the inovelli switch. Im working to get it up and running again, but my lights are pretty instant. The GE switch is still faster, by about 3 seconds though

What settings would I change to make it faster, and where do I get to that setting? I think the issue is the communication with the smart things cloud can be slow.

In the actual switch settings. the 3 dots in the top right corner when you go into your switch from smart things. There is a ton of options. I believe it is the ramp speed, or one of the first few options. It will say in the description something about making the switch turn on and off immediately.

Yeah, I have “disable physical delay” set to yes already, I have the on / off switch so there’s no ramp up.