Different LZW31-SN switches show differently in Hubitat

I have several switches added to Hubitat C7 - all LZW31-SN dimmers. Some of them show up with a child device for the LED color and some do not. Is this something I did wrong while adding the switches, and can it be fixed to create child devices for the ones that don’t have them?


Make sure you set the switch to use Inovelli driver and not Hubitat.

I am using the Inovelli Driver with the LED color child option set.

Do me a favor an open up the device and look at the selected driver.

Yeah, I understood what you said the first time, and when I said I’m using the Inovelli Driver, I meant I’m using Inovelli’s Driver, not Hubitat’s. When I said I had the LED color child option set, it should have confirmed I had the right driver - the Hubitat driver doesn’t have this option.

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Yea I would try excluding and including again. That’s my only suggestion at this point. My drivers were wrong initially and I didn’t have the child options until I shifted to the OEM driver.

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While they are currently assigned to the Inovelli driver, that driver wasn’t available when some of the switches were originally added, so I think you may be right. I will try the exclusion/inclusion and see how it goes. Thanks for your help.

Exclude, Include did the trick. Thanks again


Glad it worked. May have just had a hiccup during last inclusion.