Different ramp speeds for on/off? LZW31 and LZW31-SN


Is there a way to set up different ramp speeds for on vs off from the physical switch?

I like having on set to 0 - nice and quick, but would like off to be set to 1 or 2 - to give a nice little fade as you’re exiting the room.

Any quick and dirty ways to edit the DTH to make this happen?

IDEA: simply set the ramp speed for the zwave parameter (I think that’s parameter3) to 1, and then set the physical ramp speed parameter (I think that’s parameter4) to 0, and then add the appropriate code to use parameter3’s setting when issuing an off command (instead of parameter4’s setting) when using the physical paddle. I poked around in the code for a but, but it wasn’t obvious on how to accomplish that.

Suggestions welcome.

Ugly but it might work-

Set the ramp speed for Z-Wave commands to be zero. Set the ramp speed for local commands to be 2/3/whatever.
Now make an event- when the top paddle is tapped once, set the dimmer to 100%. As that’s a z-wave command it should happen instantly.

Of course this requires a hub that will react fast enough, smart things won’t be if the event is cloud based.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but the on/off switches don’t support a ramp rate because it’s not a dimmer. @Chris is mentioning dimmer, but @jallen202020 is mentioning on/off series.

Just to confirm @jallen202020, you have the LZW30 series product right? Or we talking about smart bulbs?


@harjms This post is tagged lzw31-sn, so I’m thinking the OP is referring to a dimmer as a switch. The cross-post is to a LZW31-SN thread as well.

From the switch’s settings, both the ramp rate and the dimming speed get set for On and Off at the same time, unfortunately.


correct - LZW31-SN

Yes I know they get set that way from the settings, but looking for ideas on a code mod to the actual device handler…I know it’s possible, just don’t have the outright programming chops to do it, so hoping for someone more familiar with that side of things to point me in the right direction.

@Bry - Ahhhh…I didn’t see that on mobile.

Could you setup down button pressed once as a rule to dim from present level to “Off” over 2-3 seconds from Smart Things?

Just thinking out loud . . . @Chris and @harjms are both saying do it using scene functionality. I think the problem is that is you want if you want it to be done as a single-tap, then you lose standard dimmer on-off functionality directly from the switch, because you can’t use a single tap down for to run the scene if the switch is physically controlling the load. The switch would turn the light off before the scene would run.

A double-tap down would work, though. @jallen202020, does it have to be a single tap down or would a double-tap down suffice?

No, any manual intervention to get it to work and it’s not worth it. Sours user experience. If there were a way to set ramp speeds for on and off to different integers, that’s the only way it would be acceptable…nice to have, but not critical…I do think it makes the lighting seem ultra elegant if you were able to do it this way, so maybe for something down the road in the product roadmap :slight_smile:

@jallen202020 - Definitely worth putting in a request.

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Moved this over to the Wishlist.


@jallen202020 Are you using SmartThings? I see you referencing the “DTH” so that is what I am guessing.

In Hubitat you can use rule machine and the custom command “setConfigParameter” to change the ramp rate when the switch is turned on vs turned off.

2020-10-01: Adding custom command setConfigParameter(number, value, size) to be able to easily
set parameters from Rule Machine.   

Something could be added to SmartThings but you would have to use something like WebCoRE to set it up.

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