Digital Version of QR Code

I have taken pictures of all my QR codes and DSK’s just in case I need them in the future without having to take the faceplates off. I was looking for an easy way to save them in a Digital format so I don’t have to rely on a photo.

When I use a QR generator using the text I was able to grab from the code on my phone but the QR code looks different than what’s printed on the box. Anyone know of a generator that outputs the same format of what’s printed on the packaging.

VZW31-SN is what I’m trying to do this for is they used different formats on different models.


Your profile shows you are running Home Assistant, so you can store them all in Z-Wave JS UI under the Provisioning Entries page. That will also automatically include them via SmartStart if you excluded them and then needed to pull them back in.


That’s a great feature that I didn’t realize existed, thank you. I would still like to keep this somewhere outside of HomeAssistant in case something drastic happens to that system.

You can export the provisioning list and keep that.

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If we didn’t do smart start, is there a way to add them to the provisioning list after the fact?

Yes, you can scan the code and add to the provisioning list at any point. It just means if the switch ends up excluded at any point, it will rejoin via smartstart automatically.

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