Dim Based on time of day

I have an inovelli dimmer switches and a hubitat hub.

Im trying to set it so when the switch is manually turned on between 6am and 6pm the light is 100% and 6pm to 6am only 50%. Also can i make Alexa follow this rule too when i tell her to turn the light on?

Once i get that figured out i want it so if it is between 6pm and 6am and the switch is turned on at 50% and the switch is press on again it goes to 100%.

I know the first part is possible but i dont really know what im doing and cant figure it out. The website says something about a smarapp see link below. The code keeps referencing smart things so is that not for a hubitat?

Yes. But it’s going to take some work.

Basically, you need a software called “Circadian Rhythym” or similar (on HA mine is called “Adaptive Lighting”) that will control the color and brightness of lights. You can also create child devices for the default local and z-wave levels which can also be added as “lights” to the software, such that when you locally or remotely switch the dimmer on it will go to the setpoint of the software.

I’m speaking in generalities because “teach a man to fish” is my mentality. If you have questions or run into a block, let me know (tag me!) and we’ll get you sorted.

BTW my entire home basically puts itself to sleep from sunset through bedtime by dimming and coloring to 2700K over the period of a few hours. I never notice it, but it helps SO MUCH in feeling tired at bedtime, it really has made a massive difference.

Also getting blinded at 1am with 100% bright lights is a thing of the past. Now everything in “sleep” mode defaults to 1%, which is nice for motion night lighting for pee runs.

Edit: GD these year-old posts get me ALL THE DAMN TIME.

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You’re not alone if it helps, I caught myself partway through a response earlier :slight_smile:

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