Dim LED bar for sleeping

Newbie here to the Red 2-1 swiches. They work great and the colored bar adds great character. I read the manual but could not find if the LED bar could be dimmed on a timed basis for sleeping? I have a Hubitat C8 as my hub.

No, the switch has no time knowledge. You change the brightness level parameters with your hub.

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You’ll have to do that using an automation run on your hub. Parameters 97 and 98 dictate the LED illumination levels for on and off. So you will basically trigger an automation to set the level(s) lower at night and another automation to set the level (s) back up in the morning.

Here is the reference for all of the parameters:

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As part of my “goodnight routine” I adjust the “brightness when off” setting of any switch in the bedrooms to 10% and set colour to red. Then as part of my “goodmorning routine” I do the opposite.

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I do not want to sound dumb but I am with home automation. On hubitat I know how to change the parameters manually. How do you automate a parameter change?

Thanks for helping a beginner.

Someone more involved with Hubitat would be better off helping you on this part since it’s been several years since I’ve moved away from it.

You would use rule machine to do it.

As a trigger you could set it up as time based (IE: 10pm every night) or any other trigger that indicates you’ve gone to bed like a connected alarm being armed, or sleep sensor, or whatever you use.

Then as the action you would set the parameters you want to modify on the devices in your room.

One of the Hubitat users will chime in I’m sure and should be able to walk you through creating the rule.

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