Dimmer Feedback Home Assistant

I’m using Blue series switches but I imagine this would be the same for Red as well.

I use Home Assistant and am using the Adaptive Lighting plugin. It works exactly how I want it to however, the feedback LED bar on the switch does not reflect the current brightness.

What do I need to do to get the feedback bar to update after each time there is a change to the brightness of the lights?

The adaptive brightness plugin is changing the brightness on the fly so it could change multiple times after the initial on state.

The lights are setup in a group and the group is bound to the switch via the level control attribute.

By any chance have you set any notifications on the LED bar? It its active, it will override the the display of brightness level.

Also check your setting for Parameter 17 which controls how the led bar when the level is adjusted

17. Load Level Indicator Timeout
Shows the level that the load is at for x number of seconds after the load is adjusted and then returns to the Default LED state.

Something isn’t right in your config/setup. I use adaptive lighting and it perfectly dims the LED bar and the lights over time.

You included the light entity that is attached to the dimmer into the AL config?

I’ve included the light group but not the switch light entity. Should I include the switch as well?

Yes, I’ve found AL is happier with individual entities than groups. I have all impacted entities in specific integrations of AL for each sub-system (like bedrooms, main floor, etc.)

See I’ve had the opposite experience. If I bring the individual bulb entities into the AL configuration the lights do crazy things. By bringing in the group it works perfectly.

My question Moreso is do I need to bring in the group and the switch?

Or are you saying don’t do the lights at all and instead bring in only the switch?

I tried removing the group of lights and replacing it with the switch. This works except the color temp doesn’t adjust.

I currently have the switch bound to the group of lights via the LevelControl attribute. Does this only turn the lights on and to a brightness level but not adjust color?

Correct, the switch can only control bulb brightness and not bulb color temp.
Although I wonder if this is something that could be done via future firmware when the switch is in Smart Bulb Mode.

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