Dimmer LED Notification Examples

Does anyone have any examples of how they are using the notifications on the dimmer? I’m just kind of curious how others are using these notifications.

For example, I’m looking to replace my HomeSeer dimmer that I use the individual LEDs on.
LED1: Front Door Lock Status
LED2: Side Door Lock Status
LED3: Garage Door Status

Any idea on how best I can replicate this without it being overly confusing/complicated? This needs to be wife approved. I’m open to the idea of multiple dimmers as well.

@Captainjman2 - Which hub you using?

Mine are as follows:

If garage is open for more than 5 minutes, pulse red (Notification 1)
If any door is open to the outside for more than 1 minute, pulse yellow (Notification 2)
If rain forecasted in next 6 hours, then activate cyan pulse (Notification 3) for 30 seconds every 15 minutes.

Also, in ST we can now set color for the led bar, so:
If alarm is on, set all LED bars red, otherwise set LED bars blue (white not working yet).

There are a million more opportunities, but that’s what I’ve thought of so far.

Edit: Also note that I set global variables for all switch notification child devices, so I can call one command and it does the notification for ALL switches:



So for me, I have 3 colors setup (we’re basic b!tches here). At 9, a routine is ran to check for garage door being left open. If it is, RED CHASE notification is displayed on all -SN devices. If an exterior door is opened during the day PURPLE CHASE notification is displayed on all -SN devices. Last, but not least, at night when we tell Alexa (sic government) we’re going to bed, she shuts off all the interior lights, locks doors, etc… and displays GREEN Flashing for 30 seconds on all -SN devices.

There’s so much more, but unfortunately, my door lock isn’t Z-wave (BT for front door sigh). Other than that, we don’t have a whole lot to program.

That’s sweet! Thanks for the info! What happens when multiple notifications are triggered at the same time?

The last one to fire goes to completion, then back to the second to last, third to last, or whenever they finish. Exactly as it should be.

But I am on 1.43 beta (thanks to Inovelli!).

Ahh ok, so it doesn’t attempt to rotate the notifications. It stays on the oldest one until it is resolved.

So in your example if the garage is open and then your outside door is open. It will keep pulsing red until it is closed and then it will pulse yellow until that is closed.

Is there anything that bothers you about this setup? You clearly need to be careful to make sure that no stupid notification will ever override an important one like a garage door being left open.

No complaints. Honestly most of my switches are in multi-gang setups so I just use one for one alert and another for another. It can look like a christmas tree or stoplight but it lets me know what’s up and thats ok by me!

I’m using Hubitat with the new Fan/Light switch. I set up notifications for two garage doors through Simple Automation Rules. Open the first door and it shows that notification. Open second door and it switches to that notification. Close second door and notification turns off. Even closing the first door turns off the notification for the second door. I guess I need to use Rule Machine to check to see if one or the other doors is still open and switch back to that notification and then add to it as more sensors are added.

So, I am using beta firmware 1.43, but my notifications don’t behave like yours.
For example, I have my first notification (garage door is still open.)…Flashing Red set to indefinite
Now my second notification pops up (Dryer is done)…flashing yellow set to 15 minutes.
So I see flashing yellow for 15 minutes and then it goes to default blue, even though the garage door is still open. It would be nice if it went back to Flashing Red until I close the garage door. Do any of the newer firmware solve this or is this something I have to set up in Rule Machine somehow?

I have mine set in Webcore, so that’s probably why my behavior is different.

I think the firmware beta solves the issue where switch actions like presses would cancel an existing notification. The fix just insures that a press, for example, won’t cancel a single notification.

But multiple or stacked notifications are a different issue. If you look at this thread starting around post 49, there are pseudo code and webCore examples to address this:

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Would you be willing to share your WebCore piston for your notification order or priority rule?