Dimmer | LZW31-SN | Red | Open Hab

Good day,
Just wondering if anyone else uses openhab with these switches.

Trying to sort out the neutral/ no neutral option.
When I look under openhab for parameter 21, it is set as no-neutral but I was under impression that the switches get shipped with that parameter set to neutral. Is the coding backwards on openhab or am i missing something?

For those interested. The OH par 21 is backwards.

I don’t think so. It matches the Inovelli documentation (which doesn’t mean a ton since there are several mistakes/omissions in it). It also matches what’s in the SmartThings device handler which is much more likely to be correct. What makes you think it’s incorrect? Just that yours didn’t seem to come set to “Neutral” (1)?

Hi there. There are a couple other threads with people that have issues with 3-way setups where it’s noted that many of the switches have been shipped where parameters 21 and 22 are not at the default that the documentation is set to. We’ve had to manually set those parameters on the switch and then again through our hub just to make sure.

Try setting parameter 21 to the desired setting on the switch itself through the config button (12x) and see what OpenHAB reports afterwards.

If I set it to neutral the power consumption doesnt work. The selection in paper ui is worded not one or zero so it could be just the text that is mapped incorrectly. Haven’t tried setting it manually but the switch works properly with current settings. I will try setting it on the switch this morning.