Dimmer LZW31-SN Red SmartThings - Dimmer not joining Association

I have one set of LZW31-SN dimmer’s working together properly via the z-wave tool in a 3-way configuration. Now I went to set up another set of dimmer’s to control another set of lights in the same way but they are acting weird.

I turn on the source and the destination LED lights up on the dimmer lights up too. I turn off the source and the destination turns off as well. However the destination will not turn the lights on or off. When I look at the “in use by” section I see it shows that they are both using the z-wave association tool however when I look at the “data” section they don’t match.

The source shows where 18 is the source and 1B is the destination:

When I look at the destination I only see:

So something isn’t right. I’ve excluded the 1B dimmer and added it again. I’ve deleted and restored the associations but still nothing. Any thoughts?

Hi @ephanson, so the association information on the source and destination should actually be different. So that is no cause for concern.

On the destination device, is it the device that is connected directly to the bulbs? It should be able to control the load that is attached to it unless you have enabled local protection (aka disabled the relay).

I have 2 destinations both configured the same. One works the other doesn’t. Both have the relay disabled. The One that works shows the ID for the source in association group 2/4. The one that doesn’t is the screenshot I showed you. Both LEDs will light up when I turn on the source. But only the working one will shut it off and can turn it on. Could the non working switch be bad?

I guess I’m confused then. The source is 18, but it is associated to itself? If the first screenshot is the source device and the second is the destination, and you are saying 18 is the source, it looks like it is associated to itself. (which shouldn’t be the case).

If it is just a virtual 3-way with 2 switches then the destination switch should be the one that is connected to the load. It shouldn’t have its relay disabled and should be able to dim up & down the device on its own.

The source switch should be the one that is not connected to the load. It can have its relay disabled as it is just going to be sending commands to the destination device.

What should show up in the “Data” section for the source device is the destination node id [1B].

The destination device shouldn’t have any associations listed in its “Data” section.

Hi Sir! That cleared a few things up. But my next issue is how do I configure it for 4 way? I have 1 with the load and 2 with just line and neutral. Using the association tool I can get it to work with 1 line switch (source) and the load (destination). But have not figured out the right combo to add in the third line switch. Thoughts?


So a 4-way is the same process except you will set up an additional set of associations. So you essentially have 2 source devices pointing at the same destination. In the app you will have 4 associations setup:

Source 1 (group 2) --> Destination
Source 1 (group 4) --> Destination
Source 2 (group 2) --> Destination
Source 2 (group 4) --> Destination