Dimmer Switch LZW31-SN is turning itself to 1% dim

Hi - I have a Black Series Dimmer wired to no neutral, single, and set the switch in config accordingly. I have it wired to 4 LED bulbs at a 6.5 - 7 watts each (45w equiv) so load should be above threshold without bypass.
When I change one or all bulbs out for new same wattage bulbs, the switch will turn on, only the recently replaced new bulb will flicker slightly, switch will ramp up to 100% brightness (or 99% I guess), then will flash green and red and bump itself down to a level where bulbs are on but very faint, or off completely. Replacing all the old bulbs exactly as they were resolves this… even if I leave one bulb socket empty, switch works fine as long as no new bulbs are put in.
Any idea what’s going on?? Thanks.

The RGB flashing is the switch rebooting. This happens in some cases with non-neutrals. The general consensus is that the power to the switch drops too low for the non-neutral, possibly temporarily, causing the switch to reboot.

I’m guessing that you are swapping out for a different model bulb? I’m not exactly sure why it’s happening, but the new bulbs may be doing something to whack the switch out that the old bulbs didn’t. Since it’s a non-neutral, I would try using a bypass. I know you are over the 25W threshold, but a number of problems similar to yours have been resolved though the addition of a bypass.

Thanks! I assume s bypass would need to be installed at one of the light sockets on the circuit, correct? Not in every socket?

Yes, just one. Parallel to the light. I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but the first one if possible.