Dimmer switch not dimming lights

I have a Dimmer Switch (Black Series) in my bedroom. When i installed it and got everything going, it ran great for a while. I had the notifications set to tell me when any of my door locks were unlocked and i loved it. Well, its been a few months, and the notifications stopped working. It seems right around when the classic smart things app died and everything was being imported to the new. Now, i cannot get the notifications to work, my lights wont dim, and there is a massive delay when i tell alexa to turn off the lights (Very well could be smart things cloud issue). Needless to say, the wife is getting more annoyed by the day, and i cant seem to figure it out. Could anyone help with the issues? I have tried to reset the switch, and start over, but the only thing that did was get the lights to respond when i tell alexa to turn them on or off.

Well, the notifications part is easy. The Black series does not support notifications. Are you sure it’s a black dimmer, or maybe the notification is on another device?

If you are still experiencing lag, try a Z-wave repair.

I apologize…I meant to write Red, but must have typed black by accident. I have the red switch, and it has the notifications. It was set up and working a few months back, but just seems to have issues lately. My wife asks me DAILY, “is the stupid switch fixed yet so i can dim the bedroom lights?”
I have tried everything i can think of, besides removing the switch and going back to GE (which i dont want to do)

Define “reset the switch” does that mean you excluded it and factory reset it?

Did you re-add the switch using the barcode?

What version DH are you using?

Do you have the Smart Bulb Mode turned on?

Did you do a Z-wave repair?

Do you not see the notifications in the switches settings, or are the notifications just not firing?

I have excluded it and factory reset
I have used the barcode, as well as search
I am up to date on the DH
I had it turned on, and off, and neither way worked
I did attempt a Z wave repair, but did not finish it
I see the notifications, but they do not trigger on the actual switch LED

The only thing i have not updated, was the software. Mainly because i havent had the time to buy the recommended Flash drive and sit down and try and do it

Ok, thanks. Not 100% sure what you mean when you see the notifications. In the ST New App, go to the page that lists all the Devices. Do you see the notification “device” there? It will have the same name as the switch but has "(Notification x) at the end of the name.

If you have that device, press the on/off button to see if you can turn the notification on from there. Does the ST app switch from off to on when you press then button? When the ST app says “on”, is the LED flashing or whatever on the dimmer?

Next, in the ST New app, go to the actual dimmer (not the Notification “device”) in Devices and select Settings. Scroll down to the LED Notifications Section. Presuming your notification is Notification 1, check the settings for ALL 4 items for Notification 1 and insure something is set for all of them. For now, make sure Duration is set indefinitely and the Effect Level is 100%.

Basically, I’m just seeing if you can turn the Notification on without it actually being tripped by something else, and then checking to make sure it’s configured properly.

While you are in Settings, what is the Smart Bulb Mode set to right now?

Not sure what you mean by software as the ST app runs on your phone and should auto-update. You might be referring to the firmware. To see what firmware you are at, go into the IDE, My Devices and select the dimmer. Copy/paste the entire raw description line in your response.

Followed up with a DM to save the notifications.