Dimming not working + advanced features through echo

Hello there,

I just got my blue switch setup and it’s working in Smart Bulb mode to turn my smart bulbs on and off using my Echo 4th gen as a hub which is great because that’s exactly why I bought it. However, holding up/down on the switch does not dim which I guess is supposed to be a default behavior? Also, I was wondering if advanced features are something that will potentially come to be supported by Alexa devices in the future or if they are completely unavailable forever? Also the instruction manual talks about being able to program a lot of switch parameters from the configuration button so I’m wondering how I can do that. I went to the link in the instruction manual but it just links to the local config section of the manual and I don’t see the instructions for using the config button. I pretty much just want to be able to turn on/off a light strip that I have in the room by double tapping twice if that’s possible through manual configuration.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s the purpose of the Smart Bulb Mode. It’s designed to ensure wired smart bulb loads are constantly fully powered. So when you turn on SBM, you can’t dim from the paddle without further configuration. With SBM enabled, you can then control the smart bulbs via the switch by using binding (if the bulbs are Zigbee) or via scenes on your hub.

The light strip can be controlled via scenes on your hub by taking advantage of the button presses sent by the hub during multi-taps.

Binding and scenes require a hub that supports that function. It sounds as if you are just using an Alexa? If that’s the case, I don’t think it supports binding and I’m not sure about multi-taps.

EDIT: Since you are just using an Alexa, binding and multi-taps may not be supported by the Echo.

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