Disable Local Configuration Parameter Adjustments (Firmware-Driver Request)

I would love to see a new parameter in a future update. A few times now by accident “someone” has performed one of the multi-tap sequences that alters a configurable parameter. Although it never has caused a major issue I can think of a time when someone triple taps the config button to exclude/include the switch. That would be an issue of course.

Would it be possible to create a parameter similar to “Disable Local Control” to “Disable all local switch parameter adjustments” to prevent accidental re-provisioning or accidental adjustment of an important parameter? This would be available on the device page exposed by the driver so that it can be switched on/off as needed.

I also would ask that include/exclude only can be initiated within 1, 2, 10 or some other more appropriate number of minutes after a switch reboots (for example after an air gap reset). Again I am suggesting this to prevent accidents and improve reliability.

@EricM_Inovelli – do you think this is possible? I think it’s a great idea.

@rpulivella – we’ve had a couple other people reach out about this (more of a security feature – people at buildings don’t want others messing with the config button) and I think your idea builds on that a bit. Thanks for bringing it up!

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Yep, the “disable ability to configure switch locally” option is on the roadmap for the alternate firmware. Although we plan on stripping the local configuration out completely (not the disable relay part). I will check to see if it can be put into the production firmware (not an alternate version) but I’m pretty sure I will get push back that there is no room for it on the MCU storage.

The include/exclude on reboot isn’t implemented right now on Gen 2 stuff. I believe that it is reserved in newer Z-Wave sdks for Smart Start.

I know all about accidental excludes. Not trying to talk bad about other companies, but I have a GE lamp module that was always getting accidentally excluded. After about 10 times I finally just gave up on it. I know my house is different from others as I have exclusions happening at a much more frequent rate, but having a single button press exclusion and that button is the on / off button? I can’t imagine what it would be like in a dense apartment complex with multiple z-wave users.

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I gotta say, as someone with a couple of little kids who love pushing buttons while I’m not looking, this feature is gonna be important to me. I have a couple red series dimmers setup, so we’ll see how it goes.