Disable Local Control

I have a red series dimmer and red series switch installed within a few feet of each other. The location of the wiring is just, bad. The switches should be in opposite locations. I figured at the cost of a slight delay this should be no problem and that step one would be disabling local control of the devices, then writing a simple rule for each switch/dimmer controlling the opposite.

My red series dimmer took the “disable local control” command fine. The physical paddle no longer controls the light. My red series switch however did not. (there are two places in the hubitat driver, one is a drop down menu, and then there is a switch in the next box down, I’m selecting disable in both of them). How do I continue and why isn’t the switch disabling local control the same way the dimmer is?

I can’t answer the Hubitat question, but you can disable local control at the switch. Page 10 of the manual:


Thank you. Can you advise the best route for this scenario:

I want to swap control of two switches. Would the best route be setting up rules in automation? Or is this a case where ZWave Association would work better?

In case I’m not clear, I have red-dimmer A and fixture A, and red-switch B and fixture B. I would like dimmer A to control fixture B, and switch B to control fixture A.

Good question. You would normally use association when are trying to mirror a switch’s action, like for a three way using to Inovelli dimmers (instead of one plus an Aux), where you want both switches to work the same. But in your case you are trying virtually swap the switches.

You could do it with scenes to some extent. Leave each switch controlling what it is now and use scenes to control the other fixture. You would be not able to mimic the dimming capability, but you could have some preset dim levels that you could address via scene control.

For example, one tap up would control the light the switch is attached to. Two taps up would set the other light to 10%, three taps up . . . . etc.