Disable Remote On/Off delay for dimmer?

I just installed 5 new black series dimmers. So far so good. I got them predominantly for the no neutral wiring, not necessarily for any fancy dimming. To me, the slow on/off was really irritating. Even with the parameters for on/off set to 0, it took about a second for the lights to respond. Thankfully I found the option to disable local on/off delay, which is great. A few questions:
I may want to get the on/off switches for my neutral setups. Do they have the same issues?
Am I missing the benefit of a slow on/off? What was the original thought behind this?
One of my switches is being used in conjunction with a motion automation that is using other brand switches as well. This black dimmer turns on the lights lasts from the group. It isn’t ideal, especially since the lights for this switch are the first ones the user would need. In addition, when the person appears in the area, he immediately needs to use those lights. It’s not like the motion sensor can’t reach the person early enough. Really, the user is coming around a tight corner from an open area. Unless we want the lights always getting triggered from the open area, the motion sensor needs to remain where it is. Is there a disable remote on/off delay for the dimmer as well that I missed? Why wouldn’t we want this option?

So I think you’re saying the issue is that you have an Inovelli dimmer turn on after a motion sensor trips, and the light isn’t coming on fast enough?

You’re only concerned with the remote settings since a motion sensor is the trigger. Set your remote ramp rate to 0 and your remote dimming speed to 0 as well. This should allow it to come up quickly. You can leave the via the switch parameters at other values since you’re concerned with the remote performance.

Also, did you set your minimum brightness value appropriately? Set the min to 1 and then dim over the range to identify the value at with the light turns on. Then set your min above that number. This will prevent the dimmer from “dimming” over a range where the bulb won’t light, which will also effectively decrease the time it takes the bulb to come on.

Made those changes it helped a little, but there is still a lag. It could just be the technology difference between a zwave device and a wifi device. There is still about over a 1second delay from when the wifi device turns on.

I could be the differences between the two. I have not idea how the two protocols compare.

Also wonder if the hub is dealing with the WiFi first and then the Zwave. What happens if you temporarily remove the WiFi device so the motion is only turning on the Inovelli? Does it get faster?

Even from the app, my wifi switch thinks for maybe a half a second after I press the power button (with the spinning icon). However the black series dimmer take a noticeably longer time. Even my zigbee lights are very quick. According to this, zwave is much slower… Z-Wave vs. Zigbee: Which Should You Choose?

Have you done a Zwave repair/heal, or whatever your hub calls it? How many hops are there from the hub to the Inovelli?

Speed is relative (isn’t everything???).

My switch command from cellphone to action with verbose logging on takes about ~110ms. Essentially not noticeable.

I did realize that the zigbee I tested was local. However, wifi isn’t. So I’m not exactly sure where the delay is. There are only 2 hops to the switch:

I did try to do a zwave repair. I do have a Smartthings wifi connect mesh hub and their zwave repair never worked for me. So I’m not sure if it ever ‘repaired’ anything.

Do you know how can I measure the response time in smartthings?

Turn logging to max, then look at log timestamps (they include thousands I think)? You’ll unfortunately not be able to log as verbosely as other solutions.

Also, it’s just known that ST isn’t that powerful or quick if you are more “sensitive”. My 23 device automation completes oh HA in under 2 seconds, and I still notice the delay, but comparing that to 80% accuracy and 10+ seconds on ST caused my switch.

How do I enable max logging in smartthings? Is it in the device settings? Both of those logs are already on? Is it in the IDE? I’m not running an automation, just a simple switch on/off.