Disabled relay and associations not working

Hi there! So I’ve got a room hooked up with two Inovelli Red on/off switches on different circuits, which are associated, so I can walk into the room and turn on pendant lights on the other side of the room. Both switches have “disabled relay/local control” (at least I think these are both the same parameter, different name)… the pendant lights are using Hue ambiance bulbs, hooked up to the hue bridge (and the switches and hue bridge are connected to hubitat)

I got the switch on circuit with the pendants controlling the pendants through hue hub just fine (using simple automation rules… which I might change to rules machine), but if I try to use the associated switch at the room insurance, it toggles the relay on the pendant switch (instead of triggering a button push event, rules, etc to dim the bulb to 0 and back up to 40).

Any suggestions or is this just a bug of the firmware which needs to be fixed? Seems like the default functionality should be that if the associated device is relay-disabled, it should honor that. Note, I associated these switches before they were both relay bypassed (not sure if this makes a difference).

The switches are both using firmware 1.20

I’m not a Hubitat user, so I’ll just speak generally.

If I understand correctly, you have the bulbs attached to one switch with Disable Local Control and presumably Smart Bulb Mode turned on. So that switch isn’t physically controlling the bulbs. You are using it as a scene controller, using button presses to manipulate the lights however Hubitat does that.

So associating the switches doesn’t make sense to me. It seems like you are trying to use the other switch to get the switch to which the bulbs are hooked up to send button presses, which it cannot do. Why not just configure the secondary switch as a scene controller as well. It can send button presses just like the primary switch can. On the hub end of things, just configure it to trigger on button presses from either device. To my thinking, no need to associate the two switches, just use both as scene controllers.

@Bry it might be related to my below post, but I agree just run the same scenes from both switches.

Thanks Bry… I originally did the association between switches for faster control (not bouncing via hub) back when I didn’t have a smart bulb… so you are right, now that my commands have to go through Hue hub to the Hue bulb, there is no purpose any more for association.

I’m going to drop association and put scene rules in place. If I figure out a “best setup”, I’ll try to share it here.

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