Disabling dim level indicator in red series 2-1

Is it possible to disable the indication of dim level while also still doing actual dimming for the connected lights?

Here’s what I’m doing. I have a collection of dumb and smart lights I plan to all connect to the red series 2-1 switches (vzw31-sn). I’d like for all light switches to behave identically (both ones connected to smart lights and ones connected to dumb lights). I plan to control all lights including dimming using home assistant. What I want the light switches to do is to act as scene controllers, instead of the normal functionality of turning on / off and dimming a specific light. Though, I still want some of the switches to do that, except with control purely remotely (that is button press sends command to home assistant which sends command back to the light to switch state).

I’ve disabled local control on the lights successfully. I want to keep the LED bar always on at a constant low brightness level. I’ve configured the LED to be solid on with brightness 1. However, when I press on the switch, it changes for a few seconds what the LED displays. If “Default All LED Strip Brightness When On” is set to 0, then it turns off my background light. If “Default All LED Strip Brightness When On” is set to > 0 value, then it shows the current dim level instead of my background light.

Is this possible? Can it be added as a firmware update?

Try setting Parameter 17 (load level indicator timeout) to 0 (do not display load level)