DIY paddle dyeing?

Has anyone tried dying their paddles? I’ve been stalking the store since October waiting for Blue Series 2-1 and Aux color paddles. There hasn’t been any noise I can find on the forums. I’m looking for the brown and black so I can start my install, and Im growing impatient.

I found instructions online with using Rit “Dye More” dye and a 5% acetone solution to dye plastic. I prefer this idea over something like spray paint that will leave a texture and is prone to chipping. Has anyone tried this with their factory white paddles? I know I’d have to pop the lens/diffuser out to avoid dying that. But maybe someone has some tips. Also, if you’ve been able to color match the brown, that is even better.


saw a guy on youtube who dyed dewalt tools from yellow to black. it took very well and penetrated deep
guess you can ask him the technique

Well you must be good luck because I just got color samples today for the remaining colors (Almond, Light Almond, and Ivory) and they are PERFECT. I never thought the day would come, but here we are.

The picture does not do it any justice at all and I tried so many different pictures and they all turned out the same so you’ll just have to trust me on this that they match.

Top is Almond (left is the sample, right is our Gen 2), bottom left is Almond against a Lutron Claro faceplate and bottom right is Ivory against a Lutron Claro faceplate.

Now that all colors have been approved, I’ll check on a manufacturer date. I would assume that since the B2B company is requiring them for their shipment, they should be ready by March/April, but let me confirm.

PS - can you comment on all our late projects so that miraculously the manufacturer sends what we need lol? I’m not joking when I say I read this post and then the FedEx guy came with the package about 5 min later!


I ordered a bunch of the red series covers and just used the blue series air gap while not 100% prefect, 99% good enough. Except the air gaps are all white. any chance you are getting just air gaps in so I can make the color match, without buying the whole blue series cover? (2 Black, 12 Gray)

I had asked about this because we also have a lot of Gen 2 paddles left over that I was hoping to repurpose, but the manufacturer wasn’t too keen on this idea because the quantity would be so low.

I can ask again to see if we can do a one time exception, but unfortunately I’m not holding my breath on it :confused:

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Great news Eric. I’m looking forward to this. I had considered getting the Gen 2 paddles, but that wouldn’t satisfy the White Series Aux switches. So, this is very timely.

I’ll make sure to throw some comments in Blue Series Fan/Light and the 5 Button scene controller to get those rolling :wink:

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