Do I NEED AUX switch for a 3-way with new Blue Series?

Apologies in advance if this is an obvious question, but I am a little confused. I’m looking to make some changes in our kitchen, we’ll have a few 3-way switches to control lights and I’m planning (already ordered) to use the new Blue Series switches to control them. I have SmartThings and like Zigbee.

To setup a 3-way do i HAVE to use AUX switches or can I use 2 blue series switches? I know there is a price difference, I’m trying to understand how many I should or I need to buy of either to avoid being last minute with too few switches of one type. For simplicity I was planning to buy all Blue Series. I admit I am tempted by the cheaper price of the AUX too.

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You can use either Aux or multiple Blue series. I opted for Aux as my budget would’ve been blown; however, Inovelli will appreciate you buying either switch.


How do you pair the aux switch with the actual switch? Is it zigbee or zwave association? Or is it done via a configuration in the switch driver?

Great question!

There is a setting on the smart switch that you can program to let it know that it’s installed using an auxiliary switch.

In other words, when you install the smart switch, the default is single-pole w/neutral wire. Then you can change that setting to be: 3-Way w/Aux switch w/neutral (or non-neutral).

It can be set either at the switch locally or via a driver :slight_smile:


Does the aux switch need to be paired with a smart hub?

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Yes. You can’t use an aux switch by itself.


It might help to think of an aux switch as a dumb switch that’s wired a bit differently. There’s no smarts inside it, it’s just designed to allow dimming at both ends and give you the ability to multi-tap.

The smart switch will detect whatever it’s connected to (aux or dumb).

If the smart switch is connected to a traditional dumb switch (ie: the $2 ones you buy at Lowe’s), it can detect if that switch is on or off.

If the smart switch is connected to an aux switch, it can detect paddle presses (up, down, hold) and multi-taps.

So, the only thing you are pairing to your hub is the smart switch.

Hope that makes sense?

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Except you can use a dumb switch on its own. An aux must be used with a smart switch.


Yeah that’s a good point. I’m not sure how else to explain it lol.

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What about something like this:

“Our smart switches work great in multi-way configurations with dumb switches. We recommend upgrading to our Aux switches to unlock additional functionality including dimming and scene control”

“Looking to get more functionality out of your dumb multi-way switches? Upgrade to our Aux switch to unlock dimming and scene control.”

“No neutral wire for your multi-way switches? Our Aux switches have you covered, and provide additional functionality at the same time”

That last one might be worth calling out better as well, given toggle switches aren’t supported for non-neutral installs.


That may be a bit confusing. You do NOT pair the Aux switch with the HUB. The Aux switch must be wired to a Smart SWITCH and then you change a setting on the Smart SWITCH to tell it there is an Aux Switch connected to it.

The HUB doesn’t know anything about the Aux switch.


Aux is momentary switch, dumb is toggle switch.

That’s the clearest distinction.


It does make sense. Thank you!

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