Double switched dimmer?


After going through a million sites, discussion forums and YouTube videos I think the best option for me is to buy some inovelli switches. However “, I would really appreciate some feedback because I’m very new to this.

All of the bulbs in my apartment are Philips Hue color bulbs and therefore I have the inconvenience of not being able to use my regular switches because then I am not able to control them through Alexa or through my app. I read that inovelli switches (red ones) have a feature that basically allows the bulb to always be powered on and when you press the switch it sends a signal to a hub (like the smart things one that I would need to buy) which then turns on the light in the bulb… that’s exactly what I need !!!

I was about to buy them on amazon but I wasn’t able to find one with TWO switches in the same (bracket??? I don’t know the word sorry) all I saw were single ones. Also is there any way this double switch could have 2 dimmers instead of just 2 on/off switches.

Thanks in advance !!!

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, the only double switch that Inovelli has right now is a fan/fan light combo.

The other bad new is that the dimmers you need are the RED series, which are currently out of stock until August.

It’s September 2021 now, but wouldn’t you be able to use the scenes from a Red switch to control 2 different Hue bulbs? Like single turns both on, double tap turns 1 on and triple tap turns 2 on? Both loads would be wired to the same switch, and they’d both be turned off with the air gap switch.

Absolutely. I do this myself.