Dual in-wall outlet with BOTH outlets controllable

I can’t believe NOBODY makes a Z-Wave/Zigbee dual outlet where both outlets are controllable.

Or bring back your Dual Outdoor Z-Wave Plug. Though I’d prefer the in-wall option.


This was discussed on the Hubitat forums recently, and it was noted that’s actually a code requirement. I can’t find the post off hand, but unless electrical code changes I don’t think we will see dual in-wall outlet control.

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Hmmm. So how come Insteon makes one for their proprietary protocol? Insteon Remote Control Dual On/Off Outlet

It would be interesting to see what the code is. I have outlets in my house where the top plug is switch controlled and the bottom is always on.

I really do like this idea! There a quite a few applications I can think of.

According to the thread (here), the NEC regulations explicitly prohibit it. The logic being it’s a safety concern.

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I have a whole house full of the Insteon dual control outlets; they work great.
The only thing that I wish they had, was power monitoring.

I have so been wishing this existed. Kasa has a wifi one, but I want Zigbee or Z wave.