Dumb (or kinda dumb) switches that match

So right now, my brother blew one of his Red switches, everything works 100% except the lights do not go on and off. So that being the issue, we have just used it as a sorta dumb switch. it is connected to nothing, other then the Smart hub, and acts as a digital (is that the term) button… So the hub sees all the buttons being pressed and runs a routine.

he has a few color bulbs. so this switch with the help of the hub controls the colors, on off, dimming etc. It would be awesome to have a switch like this without the inside relay as a lower cost second switch option. Heck can even be used for a hub controlled 3/4/5/6/7 etc way switch…

The best part of this is, that this broken switch matches the rest of the switches in his wall.

This makes me think of the fact that for a wired (not virtual Z-wave association) three-way, you can use a dumb switch or a GE or HomeSeer companion switch… none of which LOOK like an Inovelli.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use an Inovelli AS a companion switch, after setting a parameter to tell it to act in a “companion” role?

That would be cool too. and I definatly think we need something like that. but a nice switch that has no relay in it (if that would bring the cost down) would be really helpful.

Well, if you’re ok with it being battery-powered, then it sounds a lot like Project BFF, which I would have bought a bunch of in they were available today, for three-or-more-way configurations, as well as remotes.

thoes do look awesome… but I would like the option of a wired solution also, as they could possibly act as repeaters. and I would keep the light on all the time, as i use it for status.

my other option would just to buy some more switches and turn off the relays.