Dumb Switch That Matches?

So after a few days of research I found myself here. I originally thought I would go with some basic HomeKit switches, but nothing really satisfied what I wanted from a design or functionality stand point. Fast forward and I just preordered 10 pack of the blue. Now the plan is to not have every room be a smart switch and often times this means that the smart switch will be right next to a dumb switch. Anyone have any luck with dimmer switches that match the thickness / depth / color / etc to this switches. I get there won’t be the LED function and the dimmer will either be a button or bar lever, but I’m okay with that.

I’ve looked at dozens of brands. They are all different enough that if you are picky (like I and ESPECIALLY my wife are) you will notice and be bothered by the difference.

Your choices are going to be:
1- Live with the differences.
2- Go with a brand that does both smart and dumb switches in the same style.
3- Install Smart Switches everywhere (my personal choice.)

4 - Inovelli Aux Switch

I think he is looking for a dumb switch that actually switches load though. Aux is only meant to be a remote unit for the blue/red switches/dimmers.

Ah. I was thinking 3-way

Thanks, honestly this is what I figured. I’m a notch before OCD, so I can live with some differences, which is ultimately why I was playing with the inovelli switches, because the only thing I’d be sacrificing is this, not actual functionally if I went with a brand like GE that does both.

Option three was on my list, but I have some many two way, three way switches etc that’s it’s almost a waste of money. I suppose a compromise is smart switches almost everywhere but then doing the aux switches. I think that is how they would work in theory.

I just looked up the AUXs. Say I have a two or three way switch. Could I use the blue in say the main area (kitchen) and then the AUX on the two hallways that would be connected to the kitchen lights, is that how this work?

Just for clarity, a 3-way switch has 2 switches, I think what you’re saying is you have a bunch of 3/4-way’s?

Yes, that’s exactly how it works. I have a blue in my kitchen, with an aux connected up where previously I had a dumb switch that controlled the same lights. The aux doesn’t directly control the load, just basically communicates back to the blue to turn on/off/dim, trigger scenes, etc.

Yes, sorry that’s what I meant. Hmm I will have to look into this. I don’t mind having mismatched switches in different rooms, but if it sits in the same room or close by I want some level of uniformity. Plus, it’s new construction so I need to replace all of the old school toggles with dimmer switches anyway so really I could just do blues / auxs on the main living space that is open where those three and four ways are and get some regular lutron dimmers for the other rooms that are single switches and closed off.

Yes, aux basically gives you “smart” functionality at the non-load switch location. It’s great that Inovelli is giving us this option, and with the blues you even have multi-tap scene control!

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