Exclusion Mode not working on LZW31-SN fw 1.57

After updating a red series dimmer (LZW31-SN) to 1.57, I can’t enter Exclusion Mode anymore, 3x click on config button does not make the LED bar pulse BLUE. I’ve also updated the secondary MCU to 1.44. Has anyone experienced this?

I have not seen that, but I would try doing a ‘factory reset’ and see if that corrects the issue.

Hold the config button down for 20 seconds until the LED bar is solid red then release.

We did experience this with ours - I’m not sure they ever fixed it.

Holding the config button for 20 seconds to reset is the solution.

Thanks for your responses, factory reset solved it for me! If it helps, the only unusual thing with this unit compared to my other switched was that it was previously included with security.