Expected Behavior with Notifications

Not sure what the expected behavior is here?

Switch type LZW30-SN (red series switch)

  • Using LED color child device, set to green

  • Notification 1 device set to slow flash red

  • Turn on Notification 1, it flashes red

  • Set LED color to blue. Now it flashes blue. I would have expected it to continue flashing red as notification 1 is still on?

    I can work around it either way, just need to know if this is a bug, or the correct behavior?

It does that for SmartThings too. But it’s only for the ongoing notification event. After the notification clears, the next notification will display the proper, specified notification color.

If that is the case, I can work around this by saving the states of the notifications before setting the color. after resetting the color then clear and restore any notifications that are on.

just found another neat behaviour. Setting notification 1, and then clearing notification 2 (which was already off) also clears notification 1, so you have to make sure you only touch the notification that was on.

Or, i can just ignore my OCD for this one edge case :grinning:

My OCD won. modified my rule machine rules to cover the edge case of changing the lcd color while a notification is set.

worked like a charm :grinning: